Buffalo Shrimp                               $6.50

  Boneless Wings                           $6.50


Spaghetti                                             $ 9.00

 Homemade spaghetti with meat sauce. Served with a house salad

Baked Lasagna                                 $ 11.00                                              

served with salad

 Chicken Pot Pie                              $9.00

Served with two sides

                  Collard Greens        Baby Lima’s                            Mashed Potatoes     Corn    Black-Eyed-Peas

Fresh Fruit      Apple Sauce      Green Beans

Dessert Special: Pumpkin Creme Cheesecake $6.00

Dessert: Cherry Cobbler

Soup: Vegetable Beef, or Broccoli Cheese

Monday, November 30rd, 2020 Drink Specials: Pint Night