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Sunday Lunch Specials    $8

Country Style Steak

 Nashville ‘Hot’ Chicken  

             Beef Tips Over Rice

     Pork Roast Over Dressing

Green Beans       Rice & Gravy      Collard Greens   

Mac & Cheese      Corn      Applesauce     Fried Okra

Pinto Beans     Peas & Carrots       Peach & Cottage Cheese      

       Potato Casserole        Mashed Potatoes          Fresh Fruit            

Berry Berry Chicken Salad            $11.00

Chicken & Waffles     $9.50

Homemade Belgian Waffle topped with a Lightly Fried chicken breast Served with hashbrown casserole and fresh fruit

$14.50 Domestic Buckets

$17.50 Import/Premium Bucket

$5.75 Tito’s Vodka        $5 Bloody Mary

$7 Tito’s Bloody Mary

Sunday, August 11th, 2019     

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